The Reading Corner Newsletter

The Reading Corner Newsletter September 2020 Hello readers! We’re inching into fall, although it’s still glorious weather here in the Pacific Northwest. We never know when the curtain will come down [...]

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Those Pesky Reviews

Those Pesky Reviews About those pesky reviews. Reviews are the bane and the joy of every writer’s life, something we dread and crave at the same time. Oh, the highs when we [...]

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Nineteenth Century Armchair Travel

Nineteenth Century Armchair Travel Nonfiction—and especially narrative non-fiction—is the historical novelist’s secret weapon while researching. Well-written narratives take us back centuries where the American West lives on in aura and story. Whether [...]

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Nine Out of Ten

Nine Out of Ten I won’t ever climb Mt. Everest. After reading Jon Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air,” the account of the ill-fated 1996 Everest expedition that left more than a dozen experienced [...]

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Book Girl

Book Girl A Long Ago Memory A bank of colorful cubbies lines the eastern wall and over there, on the western wall, you’ll see the kitchen, music center, and oversized dress up [...]

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