Hardland’s Suzy Approved Book Tour Schedule: A virtual book tour on book blogger sites!

Sept. 8th: Robyn Reads1 https://instagram.com/robyn_reads1

Sept. 9th: She Just Loves Books https://instagram.com/shejustlovesbooks

Sept. 10th: Books and Coffee MX https://instagram.com/booksandcoffeemx

Sept. 12th: David L Morgan https://instagram.com/david_l_morgan

Sept. 13th: Love My Books 2020 https://instagram.com/lovemybooks2020

Sept. 13th: Rozier Reads and Wine https://instagram.com/rozierreadsandwine

Sept. 14th: Novels and Latte Book Club  https://www.facebook.com/groups/357651988042629

Sept. 14th: Reading With Remy  https://instagram.com/readingwithremy

Sept. 15th: Sho Biz Reads  https://instagram.com/shobizreads

Sept. 16th: Reading With Mere  https://instagram.com/readingwithmere

Sept. 16th: The Page Ladies https://instagram.com/jacleomik33

Sept. 16th: Bookworm Struggles  https://instagram.com/bookworm.struggles

Sept. 17th: Miss W Book Reviews https://instagram.com/misswbookreviews

Sept. 17th: Carol Doscher https://instagram.com/carol_doscher_reader

Sept. 19th: Bookish Heidi https://instagram.com/bookish.heidi

Sept. 20th: Laura’s Next Chapter https://instagram.com/laurasnextchapter

Sept. 21st: CMT Loves Wine and Books https://instagram.com/cmtloveswineandbooks

Sept. 21st: Geaux Get Lit https://instagram.com/geauxgetlit

Sept. 30th: Subakka Bookstuff https://instagram.com/subakka.bookstuff